Street Woman Fighter’s Lee Jung impressed netizens with one word regarding age

Dancer Lee Jung (24 years old) drew netizens’ attention with her reasonable word.

On Oct 19th, the “Man of Woman” mission was held on Mnet’s Street Woman Fighter (here in after referred to as SWF). YGX participated in a spoiler party with male members.

According to leader Lee Jung‘s revelation, YGX’s concept on this day was “Young&Pretty&Handsome”.

Lee Jung YGX

She explained that it contains the meaning of “young energy, beauty when dancing and handsomeness in existence itself”.

However, as soon as the concept was revealed, other crews’ members made playful criticisms towards her.

Lee Jung YGX

Lachica‘s Rian rebuked, “She keeps emphasizing that she’s young. Even though she’s not that young.” Gabee added, “Someone might think she’s 3 years old.”

Lee Jung YGX

CocaNButter‘s Zsun also talked about age, “How long do you think you’ll be young? I’m sorry, but you’re not that young anymore.” Rihey laughingly said, “There’s a time when we were 23, too.”

Upon hearing these reactions, Lee Jung left a strong word.

Lee Jung YGX
Lee Jung YGX

She opened up, “I’m not that young.”

Then she said with a serious face, “But what did you do when you were 24?”

Even though Lee Jung is 24 years old, she has built a great career as a dancer. Therefore, it was one word that gave us a glimpse of her well-founded confidence.

Lee Jung YGX

The abovementioned scene received attention from netizens. In the comment section, many people responded, “I also got hit by her word”, “Lee Jung, I’ll work hard”, “I think I’m going to break my bones because I’m hit so hard”…

Besides, Aiki also posted this scene on her Instagram story.

She made everyone burst into laughter by saying, “I got married (at 24).”

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