“Street Woman Fighter” dancer Taro left a suspicious message on her SNS, did she want to attack Mnet or Lee Chae Yeon?

After the latest episode of Mnet’s “Street Woman Fighter” was broadcast, HOLY BANG Taro went on her SNS to express her dissatisfaction.

On September 1, Taro posted an Instagram story, saying, “Stop. Have a battle with me. I’m getting angry at the scapegoat of growing-up diary.”

She uploaded the post just a few hours after the show “Street Woman Fighter” was aired on Mnet.

Street Woman Fighter

Viewers who watched that episode has been wondering who is the “scapegoat of growing-up diary” that Taro mentioned in her story.

In particular, many people are drawing much attention to Lee Chae Yeon, idol group IZ*ONE’s former member who appeared on “Street Woman Fighter” to compete as a dancer.

Starting with YGX Lee Jung, then PROWDMON Rozi, YGX Jihyo, and WAY B Dola all called Lee Chae Yeon out for their 1:1 battles. In the end, Lee Chae Yeon lost to them all.

Street Woman Fighter
Street Woman Fighter

However, when Lee Chae Yeon faced Taro, the result was different. According to the judge’s evaluation, Lee Chae Yeon won 2-1 against Taro, earning her first valuable victory in the show.

After winning, Lee Chae Yeon shared, “I thought I would not make it because I’m an idol. After losing 4 battles in a row, I did want to run away. However, I couldn’t give up because I didn’t want to become a weak person who runs away after failures.”

Mnet made the journey of how Lee Chae Yeon struggled to achieve her first win look like a drama.

Street Woman Fighter

Therefore, netizens are speculating that Taro’s story might be for throwing shade at Mnet or Lee Chae Yeon.

An audience left a comment under a video of Mnet on Youtube, saying, “I admire the courage and spirit of Lee Chae Yeon for challenging herself. However, I hope Mnet would refrain from editing and making such unnecessary touching stories that looks like dramas.”

Street Woman Fighter

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