“Street Woman Fighter” dance crews created more legendary performances that netizens couldn’t pick their favorite one

The dance crews of “Street Woman Fighter” have once again created more legendary stages.

On October 11, public evaluation videos of “Street Woman Fighter” were uploaded on Mnet’s Youtube channel. They were the “Man of Woman Mission” performances in episode 7.

Most videos are drawing great attention as they all exceeded 200,000 views right after their release. However, netizens have expressed different opinions on which team will be the No.1. So, how were the dancers’ performances?

First, let’s look at HOOK’s stage. HOOK told a love story of meeting the love of our life in the rain like destiny with their unique style. The performance gave off a musical vibe.

HOLYBANG brought about a real hip-hop performance, which was subtitled as “We’re just HIPHOP”. Especially, we could notice Jay Park (Park Jae Beom) came on stage as a dancer. The fact that dance crews having celebrities to perform together didn’t cause any controversy. On the other hand, netizens even commented, “I can’t see Park Jae Beom.”It seemed like he fitted well with the performance.

PROWDMON presented an artistic stage. They delivered the message of supporting women through their dancing and ‘Drag King & Drag Queen’ acting. It was a serene performance but left a great impression on the viewers.

CocaNButter sublimated their original desire into their choreography. Their whole performance told the story of how Adam and Eve were corrupted by a moment of greed after touching the red apple. In particular, their styling in red and black added to the strong atmosphere of the stage.

LACHICA conveyed the theme “Everyone is born beautifully” through their dance. They drew attention by using the rainbow image, which is the symbol of LGBT+, in the background. This time, Jo Kwon appeared as a dancer. He danced in high heels and added strength to the message that LACHICA wanted to deliver.

YGX performance held the concept of a street dance competition between men and women. They showed a lively atmosphere that gave off a high-teen feel. As a result, their performance was full of energy.

In this mission, we could see that each crew tried to convey a message powerfully. Netizens chose the best team according to their own taste. In fact, more than 200 comments were divided evenly for all teams.

Source: Dispatch

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