Street Woman Fighter Aiki and Monika’s warm comments on Instagram: “I respect your courage and ability”

The comments between HOOK’s Aiki and PROWDMON’s Monika recently caught the attention of “Street Woman Fighter” fans.

On Oct 20th, Monika posted on her Instagram, saying, “Getting eliminated on “Street Woman Fighter” semi-final is definitely not a disappointing result. I want to say that the members who came all the way here have done such a great job.”

street woman fighter

Under this post, Aiki drew attention by commenting, “The biggest thing I’ve learned from you is how to be courageous. I’m grateful that I get to know the biggest person at the most important moment. I respect all the courage and abilities you have shown me.”.

Monika then replied, “I’m so grateful that I got the precious chance to know you and to become such close friends. You’re a wonderful person. Please remember that. Thank you.” 

On Oct 21st, Aiki uploaded a photo taken with PROWNDMON members on her Instagram Story, showing off her affection.

street woman fighter

Fans who saw the comments shared by the two responded, “I’m touched,” “I agree with this combination,” “Their comments are so cool,” “Please let me follow you,” and “Our big sisters are awesome.”


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