Still no statement from actor K and his agency regarding the “forcing abortion” accusation

The male actor presumed to be Mr. K has not made any statement. 

On Oct 17th, an article was posted on an online community titled “I’m here to expose the two-faced and shameless personality of popular actor K”. Neither the actor nor his agency has released any statement. On Oct 18th, Xsports News has tried to contact the actor who is considered actor K and his management, but there is still no reply yet.

The authenticity of the disclosure post has not been confirmed. Actor K’s real name has not been mentioned. However, due to various circumstances, an actor is being pointed out online.

actor K scandal

The owner of the post, who claimed that she was actor K’s ex-girlfriend, said, “If only his personality was trash, I wouldn’t waste time exposing him like this. But because of his image that comes out too different on TV, I can’t mentally live my daily life. So as a woman, I decided to take all the risks of revealing my personal story and post this here.”.

She continued her shocking revelation, saying, “I’m still in a state of severe mental and physical trauma not only due to the aftereffects of separation but also with his subhuman actions. He demanded a one-sided sacrifice from me, using the excuses that he was sensitive due to his filming schedule and that he had become a star now. He fooled me under the guise of marriage and forced me to get rid of my precious baby.”

actor K scandal

OP, who had dated the actor since early last year, said she had been on contraception, but stopped taking birth control pills for a month or two because she was not feeling well and did not take contraceptives only once at the request of actor K. She claimed that she got pregnant in July last year.

According to OP, after hearing the news of her pregnancy, K said, “If I have a child now, I have to compensate 900 million won for (contract) damages,” and “What if I have to sit on the street later?” and that he had to take care of his parents. He said, “The child might not be born now. However, I originally thought about marrying you four years later, but I will marry you in exactly two years, introduce you to my parents, and let’s live together next year.”

actor K scandal

According to OP, the actor did not accompany her when she went to the hospital and sent his only friend and theater actor, B, to pretend to be the father. After she aborted the child, he showed a different attitude with emotional ups and downs due to all kinds of sensitive irritation under the excuse of stress from work. He later broke up with her, using his company as the excuse, and deleted his photos directly from her computer in case they were leaked to reporters in the process.

OP said about actor K, “Unlike his image on TV, he is cold and unaffectionate. He spoke ill of the people he worked with every day, and now I know why he had so few friends.” According to OP, he also told her to take responsibility for the dog that he wanted to adopt to replace the aborted child, whose name was made with one word from each of his and her names.

As netizens continued to demand evidence, OP posted, “Many people ask me to post pictures, and that’s not difficult. There are so many pictures. However, the reason why I didn’t upload photos and evidence right away is because of legal reasons, and I’m now thinking about whether to upload the photos. It’s easy, but I have to be careful. I’ve been suffering from guilt and pain for more than a year, and I didn’t write this after an easy decision or just because of bad temper,” she said.


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