Hwasa (MAMAMOO) confirmed to make a solo comeback on Nov 24th

It is officially confirmed that MAMAMOO Hwasa will release her comeback song on November 24th.

At midnight on November 11th, Hwasa announced her solo comeback by releasing a jacket image for her second single album called “Guilty Pleasure” on her official SNS account. In the picture, Hwasa appeared with wet hair and clear eyes, creating a mature and captivating atmosphere that raised netizens’ high expectations. In particular, the title of her second single album – “Guilty Pleasure” was also revealed for the first time. Since Hwasa has delivered many messages of sympathy and comfort to listeners through music in her own way, fans are wondering what stories she will tell this time under the theme of “Guilty Pleasure”.

Hwasa comeback

Hwasa is finally making a comeback 1 year and 5 months after the release of her first mini-album “Maria” in June last year. At that time, Hwasa swept all the domestic and international music charts and earned many admirable achievements. In addition, the dance of “Maria” also became a viral challenge on Tiktok.

Hwasa debuted as a soloist in 2019 with “Twit” and has solidified her identity as a soloist with her unique style, trendy music, and exciting performances. Therefore, Hwasa is expected to make another hit song, following the success of “Twit” and “Maria”.


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