“Squid Game” reality show is being filmed secretly in the U.K but suddenly becomes the talk of the town due to participants’ injuries

Several participations were reportedly injured during the filming of a reality show based on the concept of “Squid Game”.

A reality show with the concept of Netflix’s series “Squid Game”, which made a global big hit in 2021, is being filmed in the U.K. According to local media, some participations were injured during the production process.

However, Netflix explained that there were no serious injuries and that the filming is currently underway in accordance with safety rules.

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Citing an anonymous participant on January 25th (local time), British tabloid media The Sun reported that the reality show “Squid Game: The Challenge”, created based on the concept of “Squid Game” carried out a filming section in Eastern Bedfordshire and several people complained of hypothermia symptoms and trembles during outdoor filming. 

The scene they mentioned was reportedly the first game in the drama, which is the “Green Light, Red Light” game.

Accordingly, some participants were carried out on stretchers by on-site medical staff while filming outdoors in the cold weather of -3 degrees Celsius. The Sun claimed, “The set was like a battlefield”.

A participant said, “People joined the game to win the huge prize and barely made it to the finish line. They burst into tears after being eliminated.”

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Other British media also covered the news, however, the nuance is that the situation on the set was not as serious as The Sun’s report.

BBC and the Guardian reported Netflix’s claim that the three participants who were slightly injured on the set had been treated. It is said that the injuries were not serious at all.

Netflix told BBC that they are closely taking care of the health and safety of the participants at the filming site. Nearby fire authorities also confirmed that they did not receive any calls to the scene.

U.S. entertainment media Variety also said that one person accidentally hit their shoulder against a wall and some others were treated for minor injuries. The production team strongly denied the claim that participants were carried out on stretchers. 

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The Sun’s report seems to have brought the reality program, which has been filmed under strict security, to the public’s attention.

Like the content of the drama, the reality show is said to have gathered 456 people from various countries, such as the U.S., Australia, the U.K., etc. The prize money was set at 4.56 million dollars (5.612 billion won) by setting the ransom of one participant at 10,000 dollars. 

British media said that the filming location was Cardington Studios, which was built by renovating the former Air Force airfield in Bedfordshire. The show will consist of 10 episodes. 

“Squid Game” is considered one of the biggest hit dramas in Netflix’s history. Within the first month of its release, the drama attracted around 111 million users.

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