Dawn’s girlfriend, Hyun-ah, surprised fans with a tattoo on her tongue?

Singer Hyun-ah drew attention from fans by attaching a sticker that imitates a tattoo on her tongue. 

Hyun-ah posted a photo with the caption of a tongue emoticon on her Instagram on the afternoon of Nov 15th. The released photo showed Hyun-ah with a sticker on her tongue, surprised fans by creating a feeling that she had a tongue tattoo. Hyun-ah posted a comment saying “convenience store” to fans’ questions, indicating that it was a sticker sold at a convenience store. 

Fans who saw the picture showed various reactions, such as “I thought it was a real tattoo,” “A tongue tattoo?” and “It’s a sticker, right?”. Meanwhile, Hyun-ah has been in a public relationship with Dawn since 2018. Recently, Hyun-ah drew attention by releasing a photo of her kissing Dawn.  


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