Dawn showed off a ring on his hand: Is Dawn and Hyun-ah’s marriage rumor true?

Singer Dawn is seen showing off a ring on his left hand’s ring finger.

On Nov 11th, Dawn uploaded a photo of his hand along with a ring emoji as the caption. The photo shows Dawn’s left hand with a ring on his ring finger. The ring on the left ring finger has the meaning of love and eternity, and is often used as couple rings between lovers.  In addition, since couples who are about to get married tends to put a ring on their left ring finger after proposing, there are various speculations regarding Dawn’s photo. In particular, some say that the two may soon get married, as Dawn has been dating his lover Hyun-ah for six years. 

Dawn Hyuna marry

Moreover, Hyun-ah also received the bouquet at her stylist’s wedding which she attended on the 24th of last month, raising rumors of the two’s marriage. 

Previously, Hyun-ah mentioned her wedding plan through Instagram last month. When asked by a fan when she was going to get married, she replied, “I don’t know. I can’t even please me, Rabiosa.”. This is part of Hyun-ah’s song “I’m Not Cool” lyrics, and it seems to indirectly express her feelings that she is not sure about the specific wedding plan. Hyun-ah and Dawn, who have been dating for six years, are expressing their affection for each other through SNS. In September, they released their first duet album “1+1=1” and promoted with the title song “Ping Pong.”


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