What will Kpop idols be after their group disbands?

The disbandment of Kpop groups is a persistent sorrow in idols’ hearts.

When a band formally díbands, not only do fans feel heartbroken, but the group’s members themselves go through a period of intense inner pain. It is difficult for them to leave their group and leave behind the time they spent together. They are lost of hope and confused about the future.

Mental anguish smulders

Kyungri, a member of 9MUSES, has been suffering from a burning pain since the group’s abrupt disbandment. Kyungri confided that she had been a part of 9MUSES for 8 years, so the group’s disbandment left her shocked and devastated.

The company announced that the group would no longer exist without discussing it with the members. After 9MUSES disbanded, Kyungri’s life was exceedingly difficult. Perhaps this is the biggest tragedy in her whole life. 

It’s not only Kyungri, either, who feels the same way after the group disbanded. 4Minute member Jiyoon also had a hard time. Jiyoon was shocked when 4Minute announced its official disbandment in 2016. Until now, whenever she watches the group’s old footage, Jiyoon’s memories of the time with 4Minute come flooding back to her. 

Being disoriented

Working in a group for an extended period has become ingrained in the life of Kpop idols. After the groups’ disbandment, they must fend for themselves, make their own plans, and build their own career expectations. As a result, when faced with numerous life crossroads, some idols get perplexed and disoriented.

The project group WANNA ONE was forced to cease their career after just over a year of operation. All members were terribly disappointed by the abrupt halt after their spectacular accomplishment. Daehwi admitted that he felt befuddled, empty, and unsure of what to do next after the group disbanded. It took a long time for Daehwi to recuperate and find a new path.

Dara was the only member of 2NE1 to remain in YG Entertainment after the group disbanded. She once revealed in an interview that she didn’t know what to do after the group’s disbandment. Dara was plagued by negative thoughts for roughly two to three years. Earlier this year, Dara also left YG.

Hyorin, a former Sistar member, also wrote a letter to her fans, conveying her concerns about the future. Hyorin expressed herself as follows: “Though I’m a little afraid of the future, I’m excited about a new start. There may be hard and burdensome times because I’m starting alone, but I won’t forget myself as Hyorin. I’ll move forward energetically step by step.”

In addition, member Soyou revealed on a TV show that Sistar‘s disbandment not only left her feeling empty, but also made it difficult for her to find a new job.

The fact that the group for whom Kpop idols have a lot of affection suddenly ceases to exist is definitely a huge mental blow for them. They must have a difficult time recovering and continuing to find the correct path for their individual careers.


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