U-Kiss’s Hoon and Girl’s Day former member Hwang Ji-sun officially tie the knot today (May 29th)

U-Kiss’s Hoon and actress Hwang Ji-sun, a former member of Girl’s Day, will hold their wedding today and become an official married couple.

Hoon and Hwang Ji-sun will tie the knot at their wedding ceremony held in Seoul today (May 29th). The wedding will process privately with the participation of the two’s parents and their close acquaintances.

u kiss hoon - girls day hwang ji sun

On May 6th, Hoon directly delivered the news of his wedding through a handwritten letter on his SNS. He said, “I have thought about this for a long time and I’m still nervous not knowing how to tell you all but I will write carefully letter by letter. I’m worried that fans who have cared for me more than anyone else will be disappointed by this news. I’m trying to be more careful since fans’ love and support was the biggest reason why I’m here.”

u kiss hoon - girls day hwang ji sun

He continued, “Actually, I’m dating someone. Through this letter, I want to introduce her to you for the first time. Her name is Hwang Ji-sun and many may have known her through various activities. Above all, I’m determined to spend the rest of my life with her, who respects my work, my family and cherishes fans who support and love me so much. Therefore, I would like to announce our wedding ceremony to be held on May 29th.”

Hoon also thanked his fans, “Although I’m about to have a new start, I promise I won’t pause or give up as U-Kiss’s Hoon and will show you how I repay the love and support I have received so far. Also, I’d like to thank the members of U-Kiss and Tango Music family, who support my decision and wish me happiness more than anyone else”.

u kiss hoon - girls day hwang ji sun

Hoon and Hwang Ji-sun met and worked together on a project in the past. They developed into lovers and then decided to become lifelong partners. 

On May 27th, Hoon expressed his excitement, saying “D-Day nearly comes! To everyone who has supported us, thank you so much”.

Meanwhile, Hoon debuted as a ballad singer in 2009 and joined U-Kiss in 2011. The group became famous with a number of hit songs, such as “0330”, “NEVERLAND”, “DORADORA”, “Stalker”, etc. In addition, he recently moved to Tango Music with members Soo-hyun and Ki-seob and continues his individual activities as well as U-Kiss activities.

Hwang Ji-sun made her re-debut in New.FO after leaving Girl’s Day. She appeared on KBS 2TV’s “Idol Rebooting Project: The Unit”. In 2018, she debuted once again in ShaFLA. Hwang Ji-sun starred in drama “The Spy Who Loved Me”.

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