“Squid Game 2” begins filming with T.O.P on board 

The highly-anticipated Netflix series “Squid Game 2” has started filming and still included T.O.P even against criticisms. 

According to the film industry on July 11th, “Squid Game 2” has entered filming this week. Filming is currently taking place in secret locations, shuttling between Seoul and Incheon. It is also known that lead actor Lee Jung Jae has completed his first filming session.

At the same time, T.O.P, who has been at the center of controversy lately, will join the filming as planned.  The former BIGBANG member will take on the role of a “retired idol”, and reportedly has a significant role in the series.

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After starting a script reading session on June 23rd, “Squid Game 2” has continued with its plans, disregarding the criticism surrounding T.O.P. There is no official statement expected from Netflix, director Hwang Dong Hyuk, or the production company regarding this matter.

Earlier, Netflix sparked controversy by revealing additional cast members for “Squid Game 2”, particularly about T.O.P. With recent drug scandals in the entertainment industry, the addition of Choi Seung Hyun, a former marijuana offender, has faced criticism.

In 2016, Choi Seung Hyun was found guilty of smoking marijuana four times in his residence in October of the previous year while serving in the military police. He received a 10-month prison sentence and a two-year suspended sentence. At that time, he engaged in online arguments with netizens and stated that he would not make a comeback in Korea and did not want to continue his career.

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In May, when a comment asked if he had left BIGBANG, T.O.P replied, “I already said I left. Since last year, I have been facing a new chapter in my life. That’s all.”

Amid controversies, many suspected lead actor Lee Jung Jae of using his influence to get T.O.P to join “Squid Game 2”. However, Lee Jung Jae’s side immediately refuted the rumors, stating that they were groundless.

The connection between Lee Byung Hun and T.O.P were also mentioned, but Lee Byung Hun’s side never spoke up about the accusations. 

Source: Daum

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