If one day, BLACKPINK members become brides?

The images that fans photoshopped BLACKPINK members wearing white wedding dresses make people fall in love.

BLACKPINK owns unique beauty in the entertainment world.  The girls are also pretty in a variety of outfits.  But what if one-day BLACKPINK wear  white wedding dresses?  The series of photoshop photos have shown the beauty of the 4 members, but will BLINK wholeheartedly bless them?


Although not holding the visual position of BLACKPINK, Rosé’s beauty is more and more prominent.  In particular, after her solo debut, Rosé made people fall in love with her slim face and charisma.  Knowing that Rosé likes to wear fluttering dresses, she also suits white very well, fans have immediately edited the photos of Rosé transforming into a bride.

When wearing a white wedding dress, Rosé made fans go crazy at first sight.  In another photo, Rosé also wears hair accessories, gems in her eyes, creating an enchanting charm.  This image can be compared to a fairy in a comic book. 


As the visual of BLACKPINK, Jisoo is always beautiful and outstanding.  She possesses extremely impressive visuals, even though she dresses with colors such as lotus petals, dazzling yellow.  Of course, when wearing a white bridal dress, Jisoo will make people more crazy.

Fans used a photo of Ju Jingyi then edited it into Jisoo’s face.  Although this is not the original photo, it still looks great.  Jisoo is beautiful in a splendid white wedding dress with a tiara like a princess. 


Jennie is known as the cool rapper of BLACKPINK and always has a luxurious charisma on stage.  With the girl-crush image, Jennie still exuded a cute and playful look.  The times when she wears a white dress, fans fall in love because she is both charming and mischievous.

If one day Jennie suddenly becomes a bride, wearing a white wedding dress, fans will probably “faint” because of her beautiful visual.  Just looking at the photos edited by BLINK, many netizens are still very impatient, looking forward to the day Jennie really wears wedding dresses.


 BLACKPINK’s maknae Lisa also has an appearance that is not inferior to any of the members.  With perfect body proportions and a standard “living doll” face, if Lisa is a bride, she will be beautiful.  The series of edited photos by BLINK proved that Lisa would be the most beautiful Southeast Asian bride.

Each BLACKPINK member has unique but harmonious colors.  Currently, BLACKPINK is standing at the peak of their career, girls will not easily give up their career to get married.  However, there will always be questions within the fandom, if every day BLACKPINK members are brides, will BLINK wholeheartedly bless them?

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