4 K-drama class representatives that will swoon you with their coolness

These K-drama female characters may only be students, but they can steal more hearts than the greatest thief.

In 2022, we are seeing an invasion of cool female characters, particularly the student ones. These characters may have different personalities, but they share the same bravery and talent that we all admire. 

Yong Joo (Our Blues) 

In “Our Blues”, the class representative Yong Joo (played by Roh Yoon Seo), is a top student with quite a complicated relationship. She unexpectedly got pregnant with her boyfriend Jung Hyun (Bae Hyun Sung), while both were underaged. It was a tough decision for both of them, but eventually, Yong Joo decided to trust Jung Hyun and kept the fruit of their love. 

Seung Wan (Twenty Five, Twenty One)

It is impossible not to love Seung Wan (played by Lee Joo Myung) in “Twenty Five, Twenty One”. She was good in academics, super kind, and understanding, and had a strong personality to boost. Unlike her friends, Seung Wan was bored with life, and way too aware of the world around her. When this class representative decided to drop out of school to defend her morals and protect her best friend, the viewers couldn’t help but feel for her, and at the same time, hold a deep respect for this character. 

Yeon Soo (Our Beloved Summer) 

Cool on the outside and super kind on the inside, Yeon Soo (played by Kim Dami), was the super talented female lead of “Our Beloved Summer. Despite being born in poor circumstances, she was at the top of her grade and was later loved and respected at work. She was just the ideal girlfriend everyone looked up to.

Nam Ra (All of Us Are Dead)

The class representative Nam Ra (played by Cho Yi Hyun) in “All of Us Are Dead” made a deep impression with her calm and collected manner, as well as a chic appearance. She was the decisive one that led the whole group and had both brain and brawn. While the zombie series ended on an open note for Nam Ra, fans believe that this character would survive well no matter what. 

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