Lee Hyo-ri and IU also suffered from this DM, Bae Yoon-jung: “Stop asking me to lend you money”

Choreographer Bae Yoon-jung asked people to stop contacting her to borrow money.

On April 26th, Bae Yoon-jung wrote on her Instagram, “I’m really sorry, but let’s not send me DM (direct message) to borrow money.” Bae Yoon-jung said, “All their stories are so pitiful, but I honestly don’t read them because I receive several similar DMs a day. Please stop sending.”

Bae Yoon-jung

Prior to Bae Yoon-jung, Lee Hyo-ri and IU also complained about their online followers’ financial demands. In 2020, Lee Hyo-ri once explained those DMs are the starting reason why she stopped using SNS on Kakao TV’s original entertainment show “FACE ID.”  At that time, Lee Hyo-ri said, “I received so many requests asking to borrow my money,” adding, “I kept thinking about those all day long. I couldn’t skip those easily and kept thinking about it,” she said.

Lee Hyori

IU confessed on KBS2’s “The Joy of Conversation” that she was swindled by a fan who kept asking to borrow her money. 


IU said, “There was a person who kept asking me for money over several months. I sent them the money because I thought I had to help them, but I got another reply right away,” she said. “I thought it would be a thank you, but they asked for more money right away. I didn’t send anything then, so the account changed a few days later. It seems to have been a fraud. I was hurt a lot.”

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