Netizens find more proof that Lia (ITZY) and BE’O used to be in a relationship

Korean netizens are currently very curious about the relationship of Lia (ITZY) and the male rapper who is becoming famous after appearing at 'Show Me The Money 10'.

Recently ‘Show Me The Money’ is returning with its 10th season. Many talented rappers have gained attention from the public and become famous.  Among them, young male rapper BE’O not only attracts attention for his talent but also for his private life, when he is rumored to be ITZY Lia‘s ex-boyfriend.

Lia (ITZY) and BE’O are said to have dated when they were in high school

Accordingly, recently on the Korean online forum, many Knets were stirred up by rumors that Lia’s ex-boyfriend was BE’O (real name Kim Chan Wook) – male rapper born in 2000 of team Gray-Mino. These rumors first surfaced in 2020 as a result of a video on Mc Rap’s YouTube channel in which he chatted with other rappers including BE’O, San E, Malkey, and Errday.

In the video, the rappers mentioned BE’O‘s love story. Accordingly, BE’O said that he is currently single, and other rappers seem to know who his ex-girlfriend is. They even said that this is a very beautiful person who is also very popular right now.

The rappers seem to know BE’O’s ex-girlfriends pretty well
  • Mc Rap: BE’O, when was the last time you were dating someone?
  • San E: That’s the person he wrote down on that piece of paper just now.
  • Mc Rap: Yes, after breaking up with her, it will be hard to get to know other people, right?
  • San E: After BE’O broke up, he wrote dozens of songs.
  • Mc Rap: After dating this person, maybe your next girlfriend has to be as pretty as Go So Young (*indicating that BE’O’s ex-girlfriend is very pretty and the next one has to be more beautiful than her, even as beautiful as actress Go So Young).
From left to right: Mc Rap, San E and BE’O

The rappers then revealed that BE’O’s ex-girlfriend attended the same high school as him and is now a K-pop idol from a well-known group. Based on this information, many Knets discovered that BE’O and Lia were classmates at the prestigious SOPA school (School of Performing Arts Seoul) (ITZY).

Lia used to study at SOPA and was a classmate of BE’O

However, since SOPA is a famous high school that many idols, actors, trainees, and models attend, Lia may just be one of them.  So many people still can’t confirm this rumor for sure, until recently an article on Pann caught the attention with the title: ‘Rapper BE’O and Lia used to date?  They even had couple rings.’

The OP included pre-debut photos of Lia taken with her high school friends in the post. Lia was seated next to BE’O on the plane in the photo, and it appears that they attended a school picnic together. These photos were released a long time ago and many people also know BE’O and Lia used to be classmates. However, when MC Rap’s video was released, many people “looked closely” at the series of photos and noticed that both were wearing silver rings on their ring fingers, which is thought to be a sign of a dating couple.


Summarizing all the details, many Knets believe Lia is BE’O’s ex-girlfriend from high school, the one who made him unable to date anyone else after they broke up and who also is the inspiration for many songs of the male rapper. 


However, a small number of Knets disagree, believing that the incident was purely coincidental. Lia, BE’O, and other classmates pose together in a pre-debut photo that appears to be taken from the same trip. Many people pointed out that no girl would create a heart shape in a photo taken with another guy when her boyfriend was also there.


Many netizens, on the other hand, claimed that in comfortable friendships, a couple can happily take all kinds of poses with their friends. The important thing is that BE’O and Lia appear to have always taken photos together, demonstrating their close bond.

And even if the relationship between BE’O and Lia is real, it’s a thing of the past.  On the other hand, BE’O was also praised because even though he was questioned by his seniors, the male rapper born in 2000 did not reveal a single word about his ex-girlfriend’s information.

On the other hand, BE’O recently performed a song allegedly about his ex-girlfriend on the latest episode of “Show Me The Money 10.” The lyrics of the song went, “It’s been a while since I’ve seen someone say ‘no’ to me. Done. Now the support I give you is a joke.” Then, in the rain, “She who left me also called cause she got drunk. Don’t lie. B.O thought it would turn out well. It’s far away. This is my signal. Don’t call at dawn,” he rapped.

BE’O and his performance of ‘Counting Stars’ on ‘Show Me The Money 10’, which quickly went viral.
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