Fans are heartbroken to see TWICE’s Momo nervous on “Scientist” encore stage

TWICE won the first trophy for “Scientist,” but netizens only care about their the live encore performance.

On the Music Bank episode aired on November 19, TWICE was given the first trophy for this comeback with “Scientist.” Presented at the stage, TWICE also performed a live encore performance.
“Scientist encore stage” – TWICE (21021.11.19 Music Bank)

After singing the first 2 lines of the song, TWICE began to gather to get the prop glasses to dress up.  While the group was busy getting the glasses, a long part of “Scientist” was left unsung. As can be seen, in the encore stage at Music Bank, the artist has to sing 100% live and there is no backing vocals.  After putting on the glasses, it was time for TWICE to thank their fans and get into position.

TWICE Momo Scientist Encore
TWICE gathered around and forgot to sing

This is when TWICE started singing again. Tzuyu sang the pre-chorus, followed by Nayeon and Jihyo. After that, the members began to laugh at the funny glasses. Despite having the mics in their hands, for some reason, TWICE’s voice is smaller than their laughter.

TWICE Momo Scientist Encore
TWICE didn’t use the mics, or sang very quietly during some parts of the song

However, if you pay attention, in a corner, Momo is standing back to the camera, concentrating on completing her singing parts. She is not laughing and joking like the rest of the members.  Netizens believe that Momo is nervous on the encore stage because of the pressure she got from her past live-singing controversies.

TWICE Momo Scientist Encore
The members were laughing and joking, and Momo was standing in a corner in the back looking pressured

Encore was originally a stage for winning artists to have the opportunity to sing their songs live and interact with fans. However, over time, viewers become extremely demanding and consider the encore stage as a measure of an idol’s live singing skills. That’s why encore performances are always discussed and judged.  TWICE is inherently not appreciated for their live singing skills with a series of “cracking” incidents on the encore stage. The group however often “make up” for their lacking skills with fun activities and fill the stage with laughter.

TWICE Momo Scientist Encore
TWICE won against IU at Music Bank on the evening of November 19

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