Soyou Opens Up About Low Album Sales and Adapting to Changing in Music Industry

SISTAR member Soyou talked about the change in Kpop industry

In 2017, the iconic K-Pop girl group SISTAR disbanded at the pinnacle of their career, leaving fans in awe of their incredible journey together. Fast forward to today, the members have embarked on solo careers, with Soyou making headlines for her recent album’s unexpectedly low sales.


Soyou, who achieved great acclaim and even clinched a Daesang (grand prize) for her hit song “Some,” has returned to the music scene as a solo artist. However, her latest album, “Summer Recipe,” has garnered attention for all the wrong reasons. In its first week, Soyou managed to sell less than seven hundred albums, a surprising drop for an artist of her stature. What was even more striking was the fact that she sold only a single album on the fifth day after its release.

The shockwaves of this sales slump reverberated through K-Pop fandoms and online communities, prompting Soyou to address the issue directly. In an interview with Eric Nam on the Daebak Show, she candidly shared her feelings about the disappointing sales figures.

Soyou sistar

“But honestly, what was a bit disappointing was that ‘Aloha’… I don’t really pay attention to music charts, but I had my hopes. But it didn’t do as well as I thought,” Soyou admitted during the interview.

Rather than dwelling on the disappointment, Soyou reflected on the evolving nature of the music industry and humorously wondered if she was “too old” to compete with the younger generation of artists.

“So I feel like the music charts have changed a lot. It seems like the music industry is really difficult to navigate. I had some concerns about that. These days our juniors are really young. I wonder, ‘Am I too old now?'” she pondered.

Soyou sistar

However, Soyou’s perspective remains positive. She emphasized her commitment to finding her strengths and delivering what resonates most with her audience in today’s dynamic music landscape.

“Since K-Pop’s oldest idol is fifty-four years old, Soyou doesn’t have to worry about being ‘too old’ at thirty-two. But because the music industry keeps changing, artists must also evolve,” the article concluded.

Soyou’s candid remarks shed light on the challenges and uncertainties that artists face in the ever-changing world of music, reminding us all that success is not solely measured by sales figures but by an artist’s ability to adapt, persevere, and continue creating music that resonates with fans.

Source: koreaboo

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