“The Outlaws 3” villain Lee Joon Hyuk’s handsomeness in Navy uniform in past drama drew netizens’ attention

As “The Roundup: No Way Out” becomes a box-office hit, interest in actor Lee Joon Hyuk, who plays the villain, also increases.

Lee Joon Hyuk stars in the movie as a villain but his handsome visual is captivating many audiences. While looking through his filmography, movie fans found scenes where he wore a uniform in a past drama.

Lee Joonhyuk

Lee Joon Hyuk appeared in tvN’s 2019 drama “Designated Survivor: 60 Days” as Oh Young Seok, the only surviving member of the National Assembly in the National Assembly building terrorist incident.

This character is a former ROK Navy Lieutenant Commander who graduated from the Naval Academy and won the Baekryeong Sea battle. Oh Young Seok is from the Honam region and holds the title of the first elected representative in TK. In addition, he is politically opposed to Park Mu Jin and is associated with the terrorist group targeting the National Assembly building.

In this drama, Lee Joon Hyuk also acted as a villain, but even at the time of the drama broadcast, the actor captivated viewers with his charming facial features and sculpture-like visual.

His superior visual, perfect suit fit, and coolness when wearing the navy uniform fluttered the hearts of female fans.

Many viewers said that Lee Joon Hyuk’s shining visual increased their immersion in the story and the characters.

Meanwhile, Lee Joon Hyuk impresses audiences with his excellent acting performance as Joo Sung Chul, a corrupt police officer who joins hands with the Japanese yakuza to smuggle narcotics into Korea, in “The Roundup: No Way Out (The Outlaws 3)”.

Source: Insight

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