BTS Jungkook became Kpop soloist that ranked the highest on Billboard Hot 100 since 2014 

Alongwith PSY, BTS Jungkook is the only Korean soloist to have entered Top 25 of Billboard Hot 100.

Billboard recently announced this week’s ranking for the Billboard Hot 100 chart. Among all of the songs, BTS Jungkook managed to land a rather high position with “Left And Right”, his collaboration song with pop singer Charlie Puth

In particular, “Left And Right” was ranked 22nd on the Billboard Hot 100. This is the highest peak of a Kpop artist on this chart, and a huge achievement for Jungkook, marking a bright future as BTS decided to focus on individual activities. 

Charlie Puth and BTS Jungkook recently released their collaboration song “Left And Right” 

In addition, this makes Jungkook the Kpop soloist that ranked the highest on Billboard Hot 100 since PSY’s entry in 2014. The male idol is also the only Kpop soloist other than PSY to enter the top 25 of this extremely tough ranking. Previously, Jungkook has appeared in the Billboard Hot 100 twice, at 84th with “My Time”, and 95th with “Stay Alive”.

BTS Jungkook Charlie Puth

Right after this news was announced, fans rejoiced over Jungkook’s solo success. Various keywords related to Jungkook and “Left And Right” started to enter the top search on SNS platform Twitter, proving the idol’s strong impact.

Now, the audiences are looking forward to other solo activities from the rest of BTS.

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