This actor lost 15kg as soon as “Squid Game” ended

The actors gathered for the movie “Hunt” went through a detailed analysis and preparation process to vividly embody their characters. 

About playing Park Pyong-ho, who has not only an upright figure, dispassionate determination, excellent leadership but also internal conflicts, director Lee Jung-jae explained, “I focused on the psychological portrayal that can be confirmed by eyes.”

Lee Jung-jae

Jung Woo-sung, who plays the role of Kim Jung-do, the KCIA Domestic Unit Chief that is tasked with uncovering a North Korean spy known as “Donglim”, said, “I created character emotions by imagining the conflicts and pain that the character had.”

Jeon Hye-jin, who plays Bang Joo-kyung, the KCIA Foreign Unit’s ace agent with excellent investigative power and quick information power, raised expectations for her new character, “I tried not to lose my pleasantness because I’m a character who enjoys work.”

suid game

Heo Sung-tae not only had in-depth discussions with director Lee Jung-jae but also lost 15kg to play Jang Cheol-seong, a loyal subordinate of Kim Jung-do.

It is rumored that Go Yoon-jung, who plays the role of Jo Yoo-jeong, a college student who has been under Park Pyong-ho’s protection and guidance, also created her character by discussing and analyzing with director Lee Jung-jae for a long time.

Source: daum

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