Song Mino to his late father “Did you think that paying 10 million won a month for hospital bills was a waste? That’s why you left early”

Singer-painter Song Mino revealed a letter he wrote to his late father not long ago in his first individual exhibition.

Song Mino held his first individual exhibition “Thanking You – Ohnim Solo Exhibition” at “StART PLUS” in Seongdong-gu, Seoul on Dec 16th. There were about 20 works in the exhibition, including “Giraffe In My Eyes 1”. A letter written to his father after his father’s death was also published.

Song Mino expressed his longing for his father in the letter. He said, “Goodbye, dad. My dad is selfish to the end. Why were you so greedy to leave everything behind like this? Why were you in such a hurry that day?

Song Mino

Song Mino blamed himself, “I always whine that I’m lonely even though I have many friends, older brothers and younger brothers. How lonely you must have been then.

He confessed, “Did you think that paying 10 million won a month for hospital bills was a waste? That’s why you left early. Dad, it’s not a waste at all. I just want to talk to you a little more. I can’t collapse, so I’ll protect everything. Goodbye, dad. I miss you so much now.

song mino

Song Mino’s father passed away on Nov 21st. The cause of death was known as chronic disease. On a broadcast last March, Song Mino said, “My father is sick. He has a bad liver. It’s been a while since he wasn’t feeling well. I feel angry and resentful of this at the same time. His liver was already not good, but he didn’t manage his condition properly, so his disease has worsened. My father used to rely on alcohol. I’m upset but also feel resentful due to some events.

Source: Nate

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