Song Joong Ki and wife were spotted on romantic date at the City of Cannes, France  

Song Joong Ki showed affectionate gestures to his wife in France.

Recently, on May 31st, Song Joong Ki and his wife, Katy Louise Saunders, were sighted on a date at the City of Cannes, France. A photo of the two was taken by a passerby on the street. In the photo, the “Vincenzo” star was wrapping his hand around his pregnant wife’s waist gently. Song Joong Ki was smiling brightly and the couple was looking away from the camera.

song joong ki
Song Joong Ki and his wife were on a spontaneous, romantic date in France

Previously, according to Newsen, on May 25th, Song Joong Ki and his wife made use of some spare time to go on a private date and enjoyed each other’s company. Onlookers revealed that the couple went shopping at Cannes without Song Joong Ki’s manager tagging along.

Lately, in an interview on May 23rd about the movie “Hopeless” starring the actor himself, the actor also showed himself to be a family man. In the interview, he said, “A lot of good things are going to happen this year. I’m really excited about Cannes but right now I’m focused on the baby being born. I have to finish the Cannes (schedule) fast and return to my wife”.


In another interview with Sina five days later, the actor affirmed his family was more important than his work.

Source: Twitter, Naver

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