Song Ji Hyo suddenly decided to terminate contract with Uzurocks “due to the breakdown of mutual trust”

Fans are worried about the sudden decision Song Ji Hyo recently made.

On April 24th, OSEN reported that Song Ji Hyo had notified her agency Uzurocks of the termination of her exclusive contract.


According to the report, Song Ji Hyo is preparing to file a lawsuit to confirm the non-existence of her exclusive contract as the actress decided to leave Uzurocks on the 14th of last month.

Regarding Song Ji Hyo’s notice of contract termination, an official from Uzurocks told OSEN, “She is still an actress under the management of our company”. The agency reportedly hopes to have a discussion between both sides and smoothly solve the issue.


Uzurocks has recently been embroiled in suspicions of delaying payments of employees and artists due to financial difficulties. In this regard, Uzurocks stated, “Articles said as if the salary payments of all employees were being delayed, but we have already paid employees who left the company their salaries and four major insurances. All employees will get paid on April 10th, which is the scheduled payday. The settlement of celebrities’ appearance fees is scheduled to be paid quarterly on the same day”.

Regarding today’s report, Song Ji Hyo’s representative said to My Daily, “It is true that Song Ji Hyo has notified Uzurocks of her contract termination on the 14th. This decision was made due to the breakdown of mutual trust between both parties”.


Song Ji Hyo joined Uzurocks in October of last year. This agency is also managing broadcaster Ji Seok Jin, who appears on SBS’s “Running Man” together with Song Ji Hyo.

Fans are raising concern over the news of Song Ji Hyo’s exclusive contract termination notice. On the same day, a netizen on theqoo commented, “I hope she joins a more stable agency now.”

Source: Wikitree

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