Psy, “Gangnam Style was not a healthy hit song. It’s the symptom for the last stage of the American Disease” 

Singer Psy expressed his thoughts on the given name “K-pop’s Billboard senior”.

On April 29th, a press listening session was held to celebrate the release of Psy’s 9th full album “PSY 9th”.

At the event, Psy said, “I feel quite embarrassed to be called ‘Billboard senior’. I talked about this during the ‘Gangnam Style’ era, but people didn’t notice it for a long time. This is because since the song made such a big hit, I couldn’t guarantee the next song to do the same. I was so exhausted after the release of ‘Gangnam Style’. It’s not a healthy hit song, right? Some foreigners even think my name is ‘Gangnam Style’”.


Regarding being called ‘Billboard senior’, he shared, “In the case of BTS and BLACKPINK, they’re different from mine. Since people are still talking about them. If I go on like this, I’m not doing music for the sake of national prestige but to give us a moment to be proud of”.


He continued, “I made the 7th full album with my intention as a beginner, the 8th one with my real intention, and for the 9th album, I put in my hard work. I made this album with all my passion”. Psy also mentioned his goal for this promotion, saying, “In the past, I introduced albums for export use and domestic use, but they seem to have become the last stage of the American Disease itself. I’m going to do my things in my place again, but I think the Youtube view result will be fine since I had Suga participate in featuring”.

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PSY 9th“, which Psy will release after 5 years, means “Psy’s colorful 9th album. It is an album title that utilizes Psy’s pleasant sensibility. The title track is “That That (prod. & ft. SUGA of BTS)”. Psy and BTS Suga co-produced as well as wrote, composed and arranged its lyrics together. In addition to featuring, Suga also appeared in the music video.


The album included a total of 12 songs: The title track “That That (prod. & ft. SUGA of BTS)” as well as Celeb“, which was written and composed by Psy and Zico and had Suzy’s appearance in the music video, “You Move Me (Feat. Sung Si-kyung)”, “Sleepless (Feat. Heize)”, “GANJI (Feat. Jessi)”, “Now (Feat. Hwasa)”, “Happier (Feat. Crush)”, “forEVER (Feat. Tablo)”, “9INTRO”, “Hello Monday”, “Everyday” and the last track “Dear Me”.


Psy’s new album “PSY 9th”, which will be released on the 10th anniversary of “Gangnam Style”, can be heard at 6 p.m. on April 29th. From 9 p.m., Psy will hold a solo comeback show through Naver NOW‘s “#OUTNOW” and reveal stages for new songs, including the title track, for the first time.

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