Best-dressed April K-drama male leads (ft. Lee Joon Ki, Rowoon, and more) 

These K-drama male characters are not dressed fancy, but what they wear fits them perfectly. 

Outstanding April K-dramas such as Tomorrow, Our Blues, My Liberation Notes have introduced us to various charming and handsome male protagonists. From Lee Joon Ki of Again My Life, Son Suk Kyu and Lee Min Ki of My Liberation Notes to Kim Woo Bin, Cha Seung Won and Lee Byung Hun of Our Blues to Rowoon of Tomorrow, all these characters made different but equally good impression on viewers with how they are dressed. 

1. Choi Jun Woong (Rowoon) in Tomorrow

In Tomorrow, SF9’s Rowoon transformed into Choi Jun Woong, an intern Grim Reaper who is unexpectedly scouted by the Jumadeung’s Risk Management Team. Despite doing a job related to death, Jun Woong is not always dressed in black. He wears suits when he goes to work, but outside of work, he is also dressed casually and comfortably as a college student, giving off “next door boyfriend” vibes. 

Outerwear checked shirts, jackets, and hoodies are staple items in Jun Woong’s wardrobe. And Rowoon’s model-like figure definitely elevates every outfit he puts on!

2. Park Jeong Joon (Kim Woo Bin) in Our Blues

In Our Blues, Kim Woo Bin plays Park Jung Joon, a warm-hearted ship captain. Jung Joon’s dream is simply to live on Jeju Island with the woman he loves. He lives by the beach on a bus that has been remodeled to look like a cafe.

Kim Woo Bin’s character gives off a rustic countryside charm. Kim Woo Bin’s sexy tan and manly figure in simple outfits make the character look more realistic but no less charismatic. Besides clothes he wears at work, Jeong Joon also flaunts his muscles in basic tank tops, checkered shirts, and jeans.

3. Yeom Chang Hee (Lee Min Ki) in My Liberation Notes

Yeom Chang Hee portrayed by Lee Min Ki is a relatable character. With no specific goals, dreams, and ambitions, Yeom Chang Hee works by day as a sales manager at the headquarters of a convenience store chain, and on weekends, he helps his parents with farm work in a suburban town. 

When heading to the office in Seoul, Yeom Chang Hee is neatly dressed in either a suit or collared shirts. Back at home, he has a farmer style, exuding a plain and unpretentious charm. 

4. Mr. Go (Son Suk Ku) in My Liberation Notes

In My Liberation Notes, Son Suk Ku plays Mr. Go – a mysterious man who suddenly appeared in a small town and changed the lives of the three Yeom sisters. Mr. Go seems to have experienced unhappiness and is lost in life – until one day, Yeom Mi Jung approaches him.

With such a personality, the fashion style of Mr. Go also reflects this character’s life. He often wears dark colors such as brown, black, and ivory white. Mr. Go’s outfits were sloppy on purpose, but still helped him exude the vibe of an experienced man.

5. Kim Hee Woo (Lee Joon Ki) in Again My Life

Lee Joon Ki has two lives in Again My Life, one as a prosecutor who suddenly died while investigating politicians with bad behavior and the other as a handsome college student. No matter who he is, Lee Joon Ki still makes fan girls’ hearts flutter because he is so handsome.

When playing the prosecutor, Lee Joon Ki’s character Kim Hee Woo looks cold and arrogant in a dashing black suit and polished shoes. But after reincarnating, Kim Hee Woo played the role of a student wearing a hoodie in the lecture hall. Possessing an appearance that is not affected by time, his role as Kim Hee Woo in Again My Life is very impressive.

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