A former JYP trainee was revealed to be hit by brick after her performance with Bi Rain

Gina Maeng once performed with Bi Rain and had many movements to touch the male singer’s body, leading to angry fans attacking her.

Recently, Gina Maeng shared about the stage she performed with Bi Rain and revealed that she was attacked by the male singer’s crazy fan. Gina Maeng was a trainee for 12 years and worked at JYP Entertainment. Before debuting, the singer was a backup dancer for Bi Rain. She and her senior performed in two performances, I Do and It’s Raining.

“When performing, I stood behind him. My arms wrapped around his waist and chest. I pulled my legs up and put them on his thighs. It was part of the choreography,” the female singer said.

Gina Meang
Gina Maeng was attacked while performing with Bi Rain

“However, I don’t think anyone will care about that and left alone without following the advice from management. Right after that, someone threw a brick at me. It was a big brick and crazy fans directly attacked me. Luckily the manager was quick to protect my face. While we thought the performances weren’t a big deal, some fans thought they were,” Gina Maeng said. At the end of the first concert, when Gina Maeng was about to leave, the manager asked the security team to protect her. They did not allow Gina Maeng to leave alone for the reason: “Because of the choreography, you need to be protected”.

Gina meang

Gina Maeng was a trainee under JYP Entertainment. At that time, Bi Rain was also an artist under JYP Entertainment and famous for many hits like Rainism, It’s Raining… Gina Maeng is currently focusing on composing and translating about travel. Meanwhile, Rain is successful as an actor and is running his own entertainment company.

Source: K14

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