Song Ji-hyo shocked netizens by revealing her new short hairstyle

Actress Song Ji-hyo is drawing attention to her shocking new hairstyle.

Song Ji hyo short hair 141121

On November 14th, Song Ji-hyo released several photos on her Instagram and wrote, “This is a short haircut”. In the released pictures, Song Ji-hyo appeared with short hair.

Song Ji-hyo, who followed the recent trend of wetting her hair, covered her face and smiled. She even commented on her appearance, saying, “I look handsome”.

This was such a shocking change of hairstyle since netizens had been so familiar with Song Ji-hyo’s long straight hair. Some Internet users also raised speculations, asking, “Did you suddenly change your mind?

Song Ji hyo short hair 1411211

Song Ji-hyo appeared in the music video “Winter Song” and performed mournful emotional acting. Even at that time, her long straight hair was one of the special points that represented her feelings.

Song Ji-hyo has been showing off her entertainment skills by appearing on SBS’s entertainment program “Running Man”.

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