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Song Ji-hyo Reveals Unexpected Past, “I Worked Part-time At Beef Ribs Restaurant During High School Days”

SBS’s “Running Man” broadcast on February 4th featured a cost-effective tour. 

In this episode, the members went to a cost-effective restaurant where they could eat to the fullest at a reasonable price. After visiting a gukbap restaurant and a toast store, the members visited a Korean beef restaurant.

running man

That day, Song Ji-hyo was in charge of grilling the meat. Haha praised Song Ji-hyo’s skills, saying “I know Ji-hyo’s cooking skills have improved these days, but I don’t know she’s this good at grilling meat”. Kim Jong-kook added, “She used to work part-time at a BBQ restaurant”.

In fact, Song Ji-hyo worked at a beef ribs restaurant when she was in high school.

running man

The actress boasted about her experience, saying “When I worked at the beef ribs restaurant during my high school days, I was very famous. I was famous for my grilling skills”. Haha continued to pour compliments, saying “Ji-hyo does it so well”. Listening to the whole story, Ji Seok-jin commented, “Haha, that’s a good trick. I’ll use it”, making everyone laugh hard as he saw through Haha’s intention.

Source: Nate

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