Myung Se Bin unveils secret to look young, “I got botox at a low level”

Actress Myung Se Bin honestly confessed the way she takes care of her skin and maintains a youthful visual.

Episode 214 of MBC’s variety show “Where Is My Home”, which aired on August 3rd, showed actress Myung Se Bin revealing her tips to have a youthful face.

That day, Myung Se Bin made a guest appearance on the show to support her best friend Kim Sook. The two also had a private conversation.

myung se bin

Kim Sook asked, “But why haven’t you aged? Only you? I feel like I’ve been hit by the time. What have you done?”. In response, Myung Se Bin mentioned “Dermatology” as her secret.

Kim Sook wondered, “You got botox?”, Hearing that, Myung Se Bin whispered, “There is a thing called ‘botox level’”. Kim Sook reacted, “Did you go for a low level? How many times have you done that? You’re just like me”, drawing laughter.

myung se bin

Watching it again in the studio, Kim Sook commented, “Now, it’s time for us to start getting skin treatments.”

Meanwhile, Myung Se Bin was born in 1975.

Source: Daum

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