“Worldview queen” aespa reveals new title “Spicy”, comments on 4th gen “girl group battle”

SM Entertainment girl group aespa is moving on to the “next level” as they return with the latest album, “My World” 

aespa is considered the “queen of worldviews”, who have introduced fantastical elements like “AI”, “kwangya”, “naevi”, and “Black Mamba” through their concept of AI and the virtual world.


Now, the girl group has escaped “Kwangya” and returned to the “real world”, opening up a worldview story of “anomalies” happening to aespa.

In aespa’s latest album, “My World”, instead of girl crush songs where the members battle the Black Mamba in Kwangya, more mainstream songs which present high-teen sensibilities are included. 

To celebrate their first comeback in about 10 months, aepsa held a press conference for their 3rd mini album “My World” at COEX InterContinental Seoul in Samseong-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul on May 8th.


Here, Karina mentioned that the group’s world view has evolved, saying, “In our new album, we captured the story that starts when we return to the real world. This time, we came back with a high-teen feeling that suits our age.”

So far, “My World” has surpassed 1.8 million pre-orders as of May 8th. It exceeded the 1.61 million pre-orders of their 2nd mini album “Girls”, showing a big signal of success.

Winter commented on the astounding achievement, saying, “We just found out today. We’re grateful that you liked it much more than we expected,” and promised that aespa will work harder to repay the love they receive from the audience. 


“My World” consists of 6 songs in total, including the pre-release track “Welcom to MY World”, the title “Spicy”, and b-side songs “I’m Unhappy”, “‘Til We Meet Again”, “Thristy”, and “Salty & Sweet”. 

The title song, “Spicy”, is a dance song featuring a strong synth bass sound and dynamic beats, highlighting each member’s unique sound.

According to Karina, “Spicy” has been made since aespa’s debut, and is a perfect choice for the girl group’s return to the real world. In the “Spicy” MV, aepsa members appeared in casual campus looks, while Karina transformed into a “barbie” with blond hair. The catchy chorus, “I’m too spicy,” stood out, with Winter’s trademark high notes adding a refreshing touch.


The lyrics, which is unique to aespa, reveals a confident attitude, while the point choreography involves placing the pinky finger by the mouth. According to Ningning, such a move expresses the feeling of eating spicy food. The female idol also hoped that fans would come up with a name for this point choreography.

Mentioning “Spicy”, Winter also shared, “We’ve only told dark and profound stories so far.  We really wanted to do a light and refreshing song. Our goal is to have fun on stage until we’re completely relaxed.”

Meanwhile, when asked what path will aespa take in their future comebacks, Karina said that they may be able to open another world, or fight again in a third world.


The members also exuded confidence at the press conference, with no visible signs of anxiety after their long hiatus. They were unfazed by questions about the fierce competition among fourth-generation girl groups during their hiatus.

Winter emphasized, “I don’t think of it as a competition with someone. Our character and strengths are clear.” Instead of competing, Winter said aespa wanted to show their growth process.

Lastly, the members said, “We always prepare our best. We worked really hard on this too. We have passion and confidence.” They hoped that everyone would have a hot summer with “Spicy”.


Meanwhile, aespa’s “My World” is released major music sites at 6 PM (KST) on May 8th.

Source: Dispatch 

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