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Song Ji-hyo, “I like Pooh-like guys with a belly… g.o.d’s Kim Tae-woo was my ideal type” 

Song Ji-hyo described her ideal type on “Turkids on the Block”. 

A video titled Song Ji-hyo who wanted to appear on ‘Turkids’ so much that she personally sent us a DM…” was uploaded on the Youtube channel “STUDIO WAFFLE” on July 8th.

On the broadcast, Lee Yong-jin asked Song Ji-hyo, “I want to ask you about your ideal type”. In response, the actress said, “I personally like guys with Pooh style, someone who has a belly”.

Lee Yong-jin then mentioned actor Ma Dong-seok, saying “Someone like Ma Dong-seok?”. Song Ji-hyo explained, “It’s not about being big. I want their belly to be like Pooh”, adding “I like to touch the belly of someone who is plump”.

song ji hyo turkids on the block

Lee Yong-jin continued to ask, “What if you were to pick a celebrity, who would it be?”. Song Ji-hyo replied, “Back in the days when I was in my 20s, I liked Kim Tae-woo. Kim Tae-woo’s style was a bit like a teddy bear”, drawing attention.

song ji hyo turkids on the block

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