An actress in her 50s is sued for marriage fraud under pretense and special intimidation

The complainant’s side: “After promising to marry me, she received money and valuables from me before unilaterally notified of the breakup, she is threatening me to withdraw the case.”

It has been confirmed that an actress in her 50s, who is still promoting, has been accused by a man who is known to have been her extramarital love affair. The complainant claimed that the actress unilaterally notified him of their breakup after receiving money and valuables while throwing bait that she would marry him after divorcing her husband. 

In summary, actress A was sued on August 16th for a stipulation worth 111.6 million won on August 16. The accuser B met A at a golf club in June 2020 and claims that he had been in a relationship with her for about two years from August of the same year to July 2022.

actress in her 50s

B claimed that he was still a married man at the time since September to October 2020, but A asked him to divorce quickly. At that time, A said that she would divorce her husband as well, and she suggested they settle their relationship and remarry each other. They are said to have actively discussed the purchase of a new house and the education of A’s children.

B said, “I was responsible for all the financial expenses such as A’s living expenses, children’s education, and golf expenses as she asked for, and I divorced in April 2021, but A delayed her divorce and suddenly unilaterally demanded a breakup through a sibling in mid-July.”


Regarding how he led to this complaint, B explained, “I supported her financially because she promised to marry me, but A didn’t want to do that in the first place,” adding, “I sent her proofs of what I just said because I wanted to get the money back, but I had no choice but to file a complaint because there was no reply from her.” The total amount of money he spent over the past two years is worth 400 million won, but B claims that he will get 111.6 million won back only for the money he spent on A himself.

In addition, it was confirmed that B filed a criminal complaint against A on charges of special intimidation. It is said that A, who learned of the lawsuit for the contract fee, visited B’s house in mid-August and wielded a weapon, demanding him withdraw the lawsuit. B filed a complaint against A on August 23rd on charges of special intimidation.

Meanwhile, A debuted as an actress in the 1990s and is still active in dramas and movies.

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