IVE finally got ‘Perfect All Kill’ with ‘After Like’, becoming the fastest Gen 4 group to do so

Girl group IVE recorded ‘Perfect All Kill’ on the domestic music charts.

With the third single ‘After LIKE’ released on the 22nd, IVE achieved a perfect all-kill by winning all of the major charts on domestic music sites.

As of 10 am on the 13th, the new song ‘After Like’ took first place on all six charts including Melon, Genie, Bugs, FLO, VIBE, Korea Spotify, Korea YouTube Music, real-time charts, daily charts, and weekly charts.

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IVE, which announced the start of the third syndrome by taking the top spot on the real-time charts of domestic music sites within a week after its release, has since proved its global popularity by sweeping domestic and overseas charts with unstoppable steps. IVE rose to the top 23rd on the daily chart of the world’s largest music platform Spotify’s global chart, and is currently charting for the 21st day. In addition, after its release, it entered the U.S. Spotify daily chart at #86, achieving the feat of recording the highest ranking and first entry among groups debuted this year. It was also selected for the first time on Spotify New Music Friday, a major new song playlist in the United States, drawing attention.


In addition, IVE, who became a “million seller” with the third single album, has achieved a total of 1,111,177 album sales through this new album, ranking first in the monthly “Album Chart” of the Circle Chart (formerly Gaon Chart).

At the same time, IVE has been making consecutive hits following the first single “Eleven” and second single “LOVE DIVE,” and has recently won seven trophies on music shows with “After Like,” rewriting their own records every day, including winning 30 trophies with just three singles.

Source: Daum

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