Song Ji Hyo had a “misleading” action when Running Man members visited Kim Jong Kook’s house for the first time

Song Ji Hyo’s behavior during the gang’s visit to Kim Jong Kook’s house could cause misunderstanding. 

In the trailer for next week’s episode of SBS variety show “Running Man”, which was released on June 26th, the cast members came to Kim Jong Kook’s house. The members showed great anticipation for Kim Jong Kook’s house, as they visited it for the first time in the history of “Running Man” broadcast.

Kim Jong Kook house

In particular, Song Ji Hyo, who has an “official love line” with Kim Jong Kook, jokingly said, “This is our newlywed house,” before entering. She even pressed the password on the door lock without hesitation. This is an action that can lead to misunderstandings.

Song Ji Hyo Kim Jong Kook

After coming inside the house, Song Ji Hyo embarrassed Kim Jong Kook by saying, “This reminds me of the old days.

Running Man members’ full visit to Kim Jong Kook’s house will be revealed at 5 pm KST on July 3rd on SBS. 

Kim Jong Kook house

Source: wikitree

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