Without a wedding, Kim Hyun Joong has officially started his married life 8 years after domestic abuse scandal erupted

On February 27, at a solo concert, without revealing his dating in advance, Kim Hyun Joong made a surprising announcement that he would be getting married. Kim Hyun Joong’s girlfriend, now wife, is a non-celebrity who stood by his side in the most difficult time. 

According to an exclusive report by Osen on April 6, Kim Hyun Joong recently bought a new house and started married life with his wife. They only registered the marriage and did not hold a wedding ceremony due to concerns about the pandemic. Previously, netizens were looking forward to the reunion of F4 members from the hit drama Boys Over Flowers including Lee Min Ho, Kim Bum, and Kim Joon at Kim Hyun Joong‘s wedding. But unfortunately, this is not happening.

8 years after he was accused of physical assault and got into a legal battle against his ex-girlfriend that only ended in late 2020, Kim Hyun Joong is now in a place in life where he finally found peace. He said in the marriage announcement, “I have decided to spend the rest of my life with a person who has been with me through the hardest and most tiring time.”

Born in 1986, Kim Hyun Joong started out as an idol. He debuted as the leader of SS501 and shot to fame as an actor after playing the second male lead in Boys Over Flowers. In the midst of his rising career, he was sued by his ex-girlfriend for alleged domestic abuse, causing her to suffer from injuries and a miscarriage. 

After being involved in a 6-year lawsuit against his ex-girlfriend, Kim Hyun Joong was acquitted of all charges, but his image and career have gone downhill.

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