BIGBANG’s comeback after 4 years with an artistic MV which turns out to be produced by a familiar guy

The person who made the MV for BIGBANG is also quite familiar with Kpop fans!

It’s been too long since fans have seen BIGBANG’s comeback. Therefore, the image of the 4 members in the “Still Life” MV which was released exactly in the middle of the night of April 5th (KST) immediately went viral. BIGBANG has had such an artistic MV with slow tempo shots, mainly focusing on the members’ acting and visuals.

MV Still Life – BIGBANG

Although the MV does not have any scenes that assemble all 4 members, each individual set is carefully and meticulously done. Taeyang is the one who appears in the very first scene of the MV, floating in a boat filled with yellow flowers. G-Dragon was alone in the middle of the street with a colorful umbrella, TOP got lost in a place covered with white snow, and Daesung went to an old house – in which there were 4 chairs waiting for him. 

Still Life
Still Life
Still Life
Still Life

The person behind the artistic scenes of “Still Life” is director Han Samin. For fans of BIGBANG in particular and YG in general, his name is not too strange. He has directed a series of hit MVs such as:  Love Song , Blue , Bad Boy , Monster  (BIGBANG), That XX , Crooked , Who You? (G-Dragon), 1AM , Eyes Nose Lips  (Taeyang), 1,2,3! , Gotta Talk You  (Seungri), Solo (Jennie), On The Ground (Rosé),  Dumb Dumb, XO XO, Anymore (Somi).

Besides YG, Han Samin also made MVs for Dawn, SEVENTEEN, STAYC, Block B, Li Yuchun, Monsta X

Still Life
Portrait of PD Han.
Still Life
Still Life
Jeon Somi
Not only BIGBANG, director Han is also in charge of other YG music videos.

Some comments from netizens:

  • PD Han’s MV is well-polished. It is so comprehensive that even the smallest detail is noticed.
  • YG really has a tradition of working with loyal personnel so they hardly change the workers. This creates a feeling of absolute security and trust!
  • Appreciate the director for creating so many quality MVs. It makes me feel nostalgic. How emotional!
  • The MV looks familiar. It feels like the song “Blue” after a year of comeback.


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