Song Hye Kyo’s Spine-Chilling Hand Gestures in the Character Posters of “The Glory” Part 2

Ahead of the release of “The Glory” Part 2 on March 10, interpretations of the character posters that hint at the plot and development of the drama are attracting attention. 

The character posters were released online and through the media by Netflix on February 9, showing the main character Moon Dong Eun (Song Hye Kyo) posing with eight key characters of “The Glory”.

The Glory 2

When the posters were first released, many viewers said they were somewhat creepy and bizarre. As the release date of Part 2 approaches, the posters are now being viewed as clues and implications for Part 2 story. The posters can be interpreted as showcasing Moon Dong Eun’s different poses towards her accomplices and targets for revenge.

song hye kyo
the glory
the glory

Moon Dong Eun’s helpers consist of Hyun Nam, Yeo Jeong, and Do Young, and they are depicted in separate poses alongside Dong Eun. These three and Dong Eun are captured in left and right angles. Her hand gestures towards each of them are different.

Yeo Jeong and Hyun Nam hold hands and make eye contact with Dong Eun, while Dong Eun has her arm around Do Young’s shoulder, indicating that these three characters will be Dong Eun’s loyal supporters throughout her revenge.

song hye kyo

However, it is suspected that Hyun Nam’s sacrifice will occur because of the phrase “It was good. Because I have a dream” written on her poster. On the other hand, Do Young’s lack of eye contact and Dong Eun only touching his shoulder suggests that he may only be used as a tool for Dong Eun’s purposes.

the glory 2

Dong Eun’s revenge methods for the perpetrators are also being speculated through Song Hye Kyo’s facial expression, gaze, hand gestures, and the phrases on these characters’ posters.

It is predicted that Moon Dong Eun will seek revenge by targeting the soul of Yeon Jin, the eyes of Jae Joon, the hands of Sa Ra, the mouth of Hye Jung, and the feet of Myung Oh.

the glory

Especially, the depiction of the revenge methods towards Sa Ra, Myung Oh, and Hye Jung as being unable to escape Dong Eun’s grasp, and the way she stares at Yeon Jin and Jae Joon suggest that her revenge methods for each of them will be different.

“The Glory” Part 2 will be released on March 10th. Viewers can look forward to finding out the meaning behind the posters and uncovering the twists and turns in the drama.

Source: Daum

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