V & Jennie’s dating rumor: There’s evidence but no confirmation from both sides

Amid dating rumors, BTS’s V and BLACKPINK’s Jennie are heading to the same place with a slight difference in timeline. 

BTS’s V departed for New York for a photoshoot on August 24th. Coincidentally, on August 25th, BLACKPINK’s Jennie is also scheduled to fly to New York with BLACKPINK members to attend the MTV Video Music Awards. 

YG Entertainment remains silent about Jennie’s dating rumors with V, but regarding her departure to New York, the company said, “BLACKPINK will depart tomorrow (August 25th) after filming the MV. They will have various schedules for the MTV VMAs performance and promotion of the 2nd full album in the US.

Due to the overlapping timeline and location of their overseas schedule, netizens raised a theory V and Jennie would go on a date in New York.

Earlier, on August 23rd, a photo of a woman taking a mirror photo of V getting his hair styled was circulating on social media and online communities. The original poster claimed that the woman in the photo was Jennie. V’s outfit in the photo matches what he wore when he left for Paris, France to attend her Celine Men’s Summer 2023 Fashion Show in June. 

Due to the same phone case and bracelet on her wrist, netizens also believed it was Jennie in the photo although part of her face was covered. Where the photo came from remains unknown. It was assumed to be leaked from Jennie’s private Instagram account.

V and Jennie’s dating rumors first surfaced in May. At the time, a netizen posted photos said to be V and Jennie in a car together in Jeju Island.

While both the man and woman in said photos were wearing sunglasses, speculations that they are Jennie and V kept pouring in due similar hairstyles and side projects. Of course, that alone wouldn’t be “strong evidence”, but both V and Jennie uploaded photos of themselves traveling to Jeju on their respective Instagram, and V changed his Instagram profile into “V”, matching with Jennie’s “J”. Nothing is certain just yet from these “evidences”, but the conviction among netizens was strong.

In addition, despite fans’ claims that the photos in both cases were products of photoshop, several pointed out that there’s source material in the first place to make editing possible. Despite there having been plenty of time, no fan has yet found supposed “original” photos, and so the rumors were not at all hampered.

Finally, both companies have provided answers to their artists’ dating lives in the past, especially Big Hit Music. Normally, even false rumors that haven’t spreaded would be quickly refuted by this company, and yet against V and Jennie’s alleged relationship, Big Hit Music remains silent. This rouses further suspicions that V may be dating Jennie for real.

Jennie and V themselves also maintain their silence regarding the situation, while fans and the public show mixed responses. It seems that this dating rumor will pass like this, with no confirmation from any related party.

Source: daum

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