The current situation of the EXO member chosen by Lee Soo Man to debut after only 6 months of being a trainee

After his debut, he became very popular both as a member of EXO and as a soloist

SM’s boy group EXO celebrated its 10th anniversary this year and to commemorate this, EXO held a fan event called ‘2022 Debut Anniversary Fan Event: EXO’ in April. Recently, the group’s members gathered together to watch teasers taken before their debut.


Baekhyun couldn’t attend the 10th-anniversary event because he was doing his military service. The members of EXO starting with Xiumin, followed by D.O., Suho, Chen, Chanyeol, and Baekhyun, did their military service in turn and now, all of them except Baekhyun have been discharged.

Baekhyun is serving in the military as a public service worker. His discharge date is said to be February 5, 2023.

EXO Baekhyun

On November 11, Baekhyun held an event for fans during his military service. On the 14th, a video of his event was released on EXO’s official YouTube account.

Baekhyun said: “Valentine’s Day has come, when you can take out and see your precious memories. I enjoy working while thinking of people holding chocolates, seeing flowers, and smelling the fragrance.” He also added, “I hope you will overcome this waiting time with me and our difficult times as well,” adding, “I wish everyone a happy year.”

In the video, Baekhyun prepared flowers and chocolates for fans on Valentine’s Day.

Meanwhile, Baekhyun debuted in April 2012 as a member of the boy group EXO under SM Entertainment. He spent 4 months as a trainee and 7 months preparing to debut, in total he spent 11 months as an EXO member.

Baekhyun EXO

In 6th grade of elementary school, Baekhyun dreamed of becoming a celebrity when he saw singer Rain. However, he failed all the auditions to become an entertainer and was only picked up by an SM casting staff while warming up his voice for the music college entrance exam.

Lee Soo Man told Baekhyun, who was an SM trainee at that time, “You have to debut in six months. You’re the main vocalist.” It is known that Lee Soo Man loved Baekhyun’s voice so much that he stayed until dawn every day to watch him practice.

Thanks to that, he not only achieved success as an EXO member but also as a soloist. He has sold millions of copies of his second mini-album “Delight” released in 2020 and his third mini-album “Bambi” released in 2021.

Source: Daum

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