Song Hye Kyo’s partner in “The Glory”: talented yet only got first major role at 44

The appearance of Kang Hyeon Nam (Yeom Hye Ran) in “The Glory” brought laughter and positivity to the otherwise complete dark series. 

It has been almost 2 weeks since the release of “The Glory“, yet the Netflix drama sees no sight of losing its hype. At the same time, cast members of “The Glory” all receive huge attention, from the leading couple Song Hye Kyo and Lee Do Hyun, the main villain Lim Ji Yeon, to Kang Hyeon Nam (Yeom Hye Ran), and interesting character who assisted the protagonist and out a smile on the audience’s face. 

the glory Yeom Hye Ran

Kang Hyeon Nam is the first person to discover the revenge plan of Dong Eun (Song Hye Kyo), having spotted her looking through the trash of her employer. Instead of reporting Dong Eun to the police, however, Hyeon Nam instead requested Dong Eun to kill her abusive husband and rescue herself and her daughter from their miserable life. She also decided to assist Dong Eun on her revenge plan, helping the female lead to garner weaknesses of the enemies. 

the glory Yeom Hye Ran

Despite having a desperate background of being both physically and mentally abused by her husband, Hyeon Nam is a “comic relief” character who brought a different color to “The Glory”. In fact, Hyeon Nam herself admitted to being somebody who loves to laugh, despite her circumstances. She may live in misery, but she doesn’t let it wear her down, instead trusting in people and appreciating everything around her – a complete contrast to Dong Eun’s cold personality and refusal to accept happiness. 

Behind the role of Hyeon Nam is none other than the season actress Yeom Hye Ran. Born in 1976, she’s among the oldest cast members in “The Glory”. With this role, the actress made a strong return to the small screen, after years of only playing supporting characters and guest roles. Of course, with her outstanding acting skills and immersive portrayal, Yeom Hye Ran has only ever received praise for her projects. 

the glory Yeom Hye Ran

Unfortunately, despite her talent, Yeom Hye Ran did not have a smooth-sailing career. She debuted as a theatrical actress in 1999, before making her first cinematic appearance in 2003. However, the actress’ appearance did not fit traditional Korean beauty standards, leading to her getting less opportunity in the acting world. 

It was only until 2014 did Yeom Hye Ran finally secure her first drama role, and slowly gained attention with the public. In particular, her appearance as the female lead’s cruel aunt in “Goblin” was when the actress reached 40 years old.  

goblin yeom hye ran
Yeom Hye Ran in “Goblin”

Yeom Hye Ran ended up securing her first leading role in the 2020 series “The Uncanny Counter”, when she reached the age of 44. As a member of a major “counter”, Mae Ok, she delivered outstanding action sequences and a complex range of emotions. Immediately, her acting performance was showered in praise, raising huge interest in the actress.

the Uncanny Counter yeom hye ran
Yeom Hye Ran in “The Uncanny Counter”

After the success of “The Uncanny Counter”, Yeom Hye Ran took on a cameo role in “Alchemy of Souls”, and appeared on “Juvenile Justice” as well as “The Glory”. She also landed various major roles on the big screen, with “I”, “New Years Blues”, and “Black Light” in 2021 alone. Then, in 2022, she starred in “Boys”, “Special Delivery”, and “Life is Beautiful”, showing a drastic development in her career and huge passion in acting. 

Source: k14

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