“Song Hye Kyo look-alike” actress: almost scammed by a cult, harshly criticized over one photo

After the Netflix documentary “In the Name of God: A Holy Betrayal” gained attention, the story of an actress, who is known for her resemblance with Song Hye Kyo, resurfaces. 

Recently, the Netflix documentary “In the Name of God: A Holy Betrayal” was released, gaining huge attention all across the net. The documentary digs into the dark side of cult cultures in Korea, including the case of Jeong Myeong Seok – the leader of JMS. Previously, the parents of DKZ member Kyoungyoon were suspected of following this religious group. 

jeong ga eun

However, most noticeably, the episode surrounding JMS reminds netizens of a past remark from actress Jeong Ga Eun, leading to beliefs that the actress almost became a victim of this cult. 

In particular, back in a 2010 episode of “Strong Heart”, Jeong Ga Eun revealed that she once attended an “academy” which promised they’d train her into a professional model for cheap. 

jeong ga eun

After joining the “academy” for 2 months, Jeong Ga Eun was instructed to meet a “teacher”, who turns out to be a man wearing a bathing suit, sitting among various other girls dressed in the same way. Then, whenever she gets injured, Ga Eun was told to let the “teacher” touch her, since his touch would “heal all wounds”.

Fortunately, Ga Eun was unable to find the “teacher” at the time, and managed to get out of the cult after watching an investigative TV program. 

jeong ga eun

Ga Eun’s story bears such close resemblances to JMS, that netizens are suspecting that she dodged a bullet from this cult. JMS, which stands for Jesus Morning Star, was founded in the 1980s by Lee Man Hee, who claims to be the second coming of Jesus Christ. The group has been accused of brainwashing its followers, engaging in forced conversions, and exploiting its members for financial gain. It has also been linked to several high-profile scandals, including the 2014 Sewol ferry disaster, in which over 300 people died.

On the other hand, Jeong Ga Eun is gaining attention again as her past story resurfaced. The actress is known to be a “Song Hye Kyo look-alike”, though she herself was nervous about such a nickname. 

“About being said to resemble Song Hye Kyo, I’m extremely grateful, but also guilty. At times, it seems like I’m borrowing her name and fame for my own credits”, Jeong Ga Eun confessed. 

jeong ga eun
Jeong Ga Eun is said to bear strong resemblances to Song Hye Kyo

Unfortunately, gorgeous as she is, Jeong Ga Eun was unable to score many notable works. She is now a single mother after a marriage of 2 years, and so are actively looking for projects to earn more money. After her most recent work, the 2023 movie “Tales of Nobody”, Jeong Ga eun revealed that she is facing financial difficulties due to being unable to find new gigs. 

On the other hand, Jeong Ga Eun used to go viral across the net, though with not-so-positive reactions. At the time, she published a photo of herself breastfeeding on her SNS account, and was harshly criticized for being “vulgar” and “wanting attention”, despite the image itself being completely normal for a mother. 

jeong ga eun
Jeong Ga Eun was harshly criticized for her breastfeeding photo

Source: MyDaily

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