A boy group that debuted at the same time as BTS and EXO abruptly announced disband 2 days after its 9th anniversary

Being a talented group that debuted at the same time as EXO or BTS, this boy group unfortunately had an unsuccessful career.

The years 2012-2013 saw the birth of a slew of extremely promising boy groups in Kpop. Aside from EXO, BTS, B.A.P, BTOB, and VIXX, 100% is another group with high expectations. 100% is a boy group under TOP Media, the company of TEENTOP. They had a lot of great songs. However, unlike other groups of the same era, the name 100% did not appear to find a stable position over time.


It’s just September 21, 100% just celebrated their 9th debut anniversary.  But only 2 days later, on September 23, fans had to receive sad news.  The group officially announced its disbandment.

In the letter to fans, 100% members wrote: “This is our last farewell as 100%. It’s really difficult to leave a place where you’ve stayed for so long. It’s been a long time, but now that it’s passed, it also feels quite short. As 100% members and as each other’s colleagues, the past nine years were a very valuable time for us. We thank PERFECTION (fan club name) for loving us even when we were lacking.”

They have many quality music products in their career, such as Still Loving You, Sketch You, U Beauty, and so on. Although the group’s vocal and dance abilities were excellent, 100% had to disband after failing to make an impression on the public.

Prior to that, in 2018,100% experienced a tragic incident when the talented and handsome leader Minwoo was found dead at home. The other members also left one by one, leaving the group with only four members before disbanding.

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