Maria revealed the loneliness of living in Korea

In the show ‘Ask me anything’, Maria revealed how she feels when living in Korea.

In KBS’s ‘Ask Anything’ broadcasted on the afternoon of the 26 April, a new Trot singer Maria appeared.

Maria revealed the loneliness of living in Korea

On this day, Maria who comes from America confessed, “I came to Korea while I don’t know much. I had little chance to meet people and felt lonely because of the cultural differences.”

She said, “I have a close friend that I met at a language exchange meeting. She is Korean. She has been studying abroad in the United States, so we don’t have cultural differences and decided to speak English. We can’t meet often because both are very busy.”

Maria revealed the loneliness of living in Korea

When being asked if she had tried to make friends, Maria said, “I had an older sister who talked to me on the subway. We exchanged phone numbers and I went to the address that we had decided to meet. I thought we were going to a cafe, but when I went in, I heard that this is a place where I study my heart” Hearing this made Soo Geun and Seo Jang Hoon feel embarrassed.

Then Maria said, “I was wearing a hanbok there. After that, she asked me that I can give her how much I wanted, so I gave her 5,000 won”

Seo Jang Hoon said, “She should have known more about her. She shouldn’t just let her know your contact number.”

Meanwhile, ‘Ask Anything’ is available every Monday at 8:30 pm on KBS Joy.

Source: Nate

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