Son Ye-jin – Hyun Bin Spotted Playing Outdoors with Their Son 

Rare photos of the son of Son Ye-jin and Hyun Bin playing outdoors have been rapidly shared across social media platforms.

On the morning of April 8, various media outlets reported that Son Ye-jinHyun Bin were spotted outdoors while taking their one-and-a-half-year-old son out to play. This is also the first time all 3 members of the happy family have appeared together in one frame.

In one of the revealed images, Hyun Bin can be seen pushing a toy car for his son, at the same time enjoying a happy family atmosphere with his wife in the cool spring weather. Another image shows Son Ye-jin carrying their one-and-a-half-year-old son, much to the delight of fans. 

Particularly noticeable is the significant change in the appearance of Son Ye-jin’s son compared to before, when the actress shared pictures of the baby on her Instagram account. It seems that the 17-month-old son of Son Ye-jin and Hyun Bin is now able to walk, causing a stir with the pictures taken from behind.

Son Ye Jin - Hyun Bin
Son Ye-jin – Hyun Bin take their son, who is over a year old, out to play. The image of Hyun Bin pushing the toy car for his son has been widely shared.
Son Ye-jin - Hyun Bin
The current 17-month-old son of Son Ye-jin is now able to walk
Son Ye Jin - Hyun Bin-son
Another rare image of Son Ye-jin’s son quickly went viral on social media. Netizens commented that his physique has significant changed
Son Ye-jin-birthdays son
… compared to before when Son Ye-jin posted photos of the baby on her Instagram.

Yesterday, Son Ye-jin also caused a stir on the internet by sharing images taken by her husband Hyun Bin from their weekend outing with their little son. Through the lens of Hyun Bin, Son Ye-jin appears youthful and beautiful, leaving netizens amazed at her age-defying appearance.

Son Ye Jin
Through Hyun Bin’s lens, Son Ye-jin looks beautiful and captivating. On various forums, netizens have praised the timeless visual of the famous actress.
hyun bin son ye jin
Son Ye-jin – Hyun Bin have been continuously dominating SNS discussion with their happy family life 

On the other hand, Son Ye-jin and Hyun Bin got married in March 2022 and joyfully welcomed their first son in November of the same year. Since giving birth to their son, Son Ye-jin has focused on taking care of her family, only participating in a few rare activities.

son ye jin hyun bin
Son Ye-jin – Hyun Bin are one of the most admired married couples in the Korean entertainment industry.

Source: K14

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