Twice on the Japanese TV show: Mina showed her outstanding white shoulders, Ji Hyo was freaking pretty

Twice’s stage of ‘Perfect World’ received many compliments, in which the outstanding members were Ji Hyo, Mina, Na Yeon…

On July 3, Twice performed the new song “Perfect World” on “The Music Day” of the NTV channel (Japan).  This is the first live performance since the JYP girl group released “Perfect World” on June 30.  Perfect World is a Japanese song on the album of the same name, scheduled to be released on July 28.

On TheQoo, the topic of Twice’s stage received attention from Knet.  Netizens highly appreciated the powerful concept of the song “Perfect World”.  In the live performance, Twice showed their progressive vocals while giving fans eye-catching choreography and a radiant visual party.  The three members who received the most positive feedback on stage yesterday were Ji Hyo, Mina, and Na Yeon.

Ji Hyo was voted as the most outstanding member of the Perfect World performance thanks to her powerful voice and powerful image, which is extremely suitable for the concept.  It’s hard for fans to take their eyes off Twice’s leader every time she appears in the center position.  Ji Hyo’s singing part is also the “killing part” of Perfect World.

Mina captured all the attention when wearing an off-the-shoulder top, showing off her white, slim and sexy shoulders.  Despite wearing a sexy outfit, Mina still retains her elegant aura, creating an extremely attractive appearance.  Na Yeon is also a prominent member when proving her ability to perfectly execute all concepts, deserving to be Twice’s “super center”.

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twice on the japanese tv show mina showed her outstanding white shoulders ji hyo was freaking pretty 27847878789787

Some comments from Knetizens:

“Mina deserves the ‘Shoulder of the Year’ award”;  “Mina’s elegance and Ji Hyo’s strong aura are like burning this stage”;  “The choreography is difficult but Twice sings very well live”;  “Mina and Ji Hyo’s performance skills are the best on this stage”; “I like how Na Yeon flexible herself to fit every concept of Twice”;  “Park Ji Hyo is completely at the forefront of this performance. Her charisma, vocals, and choreography are impeccable”; “Mina’s classical stage outfit suits her very well, she’s also good at singing live”;  “It would be great if this concept was also done in Korea”;  “Na Yeon is really good at everything”…

MV Perfect World is Twice’s second Japanese MV in 2021, after MV Kura Kura in April. On June 28, Twice celebrated their 4th debut anniversary in Japan via a live stream with fans.  The members hope to be able to hold a concert soon after more than a year that many concerts have been canceled due to the pandemic.

Source: iOne

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