K-net predicted Somi – the 19-year-old beauty – will be YG’s best face after her debut

After she posted an energetic and adorable video of her dancing, Somi is complimented for her bright and lively appearance.

With her blooming beauty, Somi is predicted to be the next best face of YG after her debut.

This year March 9th was Somi’s 19th birthday. As promised, at 18:00 (KST), a special fanmeeting to celebrate her birthday started at Spigen Hall, Gangnam, Seoul. She had had a wonderful and memorable time with her fans after a long time.

Somi at her birthday fanmeeting.
Somi excitingly recorded footages of her fanmeeting.

On her birthday, the female idols also can’t hide her excitement and share a series of photos and videos on her personal pages. Within a few seconds of the clip posted on Instagram Story, Jeon Somi happily danced in front of the camera with a bright face.

At the age of 19, the winner of the Produce 101 season 1 ” captures the heart” of the fans with an ever-growing beauty over time, moreover, the bright and dynamic appearance of her also attracts fans.

Somi was happy and excitedly danced in front of the camera.
She also blew with a wind kiss to fans.
She always scored with her beautiful, lively appearance.

With these images, fans never stop praising Jeon Somi‘s beauty and cuteness. Although she looks mature, older than her peers, it is undeniable that the female idol still has a bright, youthful energy source.

Some comments from netizens:

– “So cute”

– “I can’t stop watching these videos”

– “She looks more and more like a Korean these days. When debuting, she will definitely become the best beauty from YG.”

– “Happy birthday and wish you a successful debut”

– “She must be very happy to meet the fans after a long time”

– “Obviously, Somi is very beautiful, she has talents too, her debut is well invested and she has a good song that will succeed. I’m jealous of this girl who has everything at such a young age”

Not long ago, The Black Label – YG Entertainment’s subsidiary, the place where Somi is managed, confirmed that she will officially debut on May 1. Currently, this former member of I.O.I has finished recording the song and will soon start filming the MV. Let’s look forward and support Somi‘s spectacular debut in the near future!

Source: YAN News

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