This “most handsome Kpop idol” is called a “visual god” in Japan for being youthful despite his age

This handsome Kpop idol is finally returning to the Japanese small screen after a long 12 years. 

Considered to be the best looking male Kpop idol in history, Jaejoong of JYJ (ex-DBSK), is hailed for his visuals that stand the test of time. It has been almost 20 years since his debut, but Jaejoong doesn’t look a day older than the 17-year-old him. 


After 12 years of absence from the Japanese small screen, the experienced idol will make a surprise appearance in episode 3 of the TV series “Waru, Hataraku no ga Kakowarui nante dare ga Itta?”, playing an employee at a restaurant that specializes in turtle dishes. 

News of this appearance has stunned netizens, who believe that Jaejoong, despite being in his late 30s, looks as young as a university student. From his flawless skin, sharp features, to his god-like physique and vibes, Jaejoong seems to have returned to his DBSK days. 

It is surprising to see the idol back in a Japanese drama, especially after his recent voting scandal. Now that Jaejoong has made a return, Cassiopeias (fandom of DBSK) and the public alike can expect even more visual shocks from this ageless idol. 

Some comments from netizens:

  • How does he look so young…
  • Congratulations for your return, Jaejoong!
  • Jaejoong’s visuals are a whole treasure.
  • He must be a vampire at this age… doesn’t he age?

The episode with Jaejoong will air on April 27. 

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