“I heard you’re listening to TWICE’s songs these days”… Kim Hee-chul: “I don’t think I can do an Internet broadcast”

Super Junior Kim Hee-chul looked bewildered at the mention of TWICE.

On the April 22nd broadcast of the web entertainment show “Game Addendum“, MC Kim Hee-chul played the game “Of course” with AfreecaTV’s CBO (Chief BJ Officer) Seo Soo-kiel, who appeared as a guest.

hee chul

As the game began, the cast poured out strong attacks such as “You’re not working, are you?” like an Internet broadcast. Kim Hee-chul expressed concern, “Is this a happy game for each other?” and “I think there will be an article about this.”

hee chul

Kim Hee-chul‘s concern became reality in the match against CBO Seo Soo-kiel. CBO Seo Soo-kiel attacked, “I heard Hee-chul is listening to TWICE’s songs these days?” Upon hearing this, Kim Hee-chul gave up the game, walked behind the stage and collapsed. Kim Hee-chul broke up with TWICE Momo in July last year, after 1 year and 6 months of public dating.

hee chul

After the game, Kim Hee-chul shared his thoughts, “I don’t think I can do an Internet broadcast.”

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