Son Ye Jin gave birth earlier than expected… Hyun Bin is in a harsh situation (+ reason)

Regarding the news of actress Son Ye Jin’s begetting a son, her husband Hyun Bin is known to have not been with her at the time of childbirth, drawing attention.

Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin‘s agency MSTeam Entertainment announced on Nov 27th, “Son Ye Jin gave birth to a son today. Both the mother and the baby are healthy.

It was initially reported that Son Ye Jin was due to give birth in December, but she went into labor earlier than expected. As a result, the two became parents after 8 months of marriage.

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At the same time, unexpected news was also reported. Ten Asia quoted an official on Nov 28th, “‘Harbin’ (directed by Woo Min Ho) is currently in the middle of filming in Mongolia. Hyun Bin is also sweating a lot on set.” In other words, Hyun Bin could not be by Son Ye Jin’s side when she gave birth.

Earlier, Sports Seoul reported that the “Harbin” team will depart for Latvia in January, 2023. However, it was revealed that Hyun Bin was coordinating his schedule as his wife Son Ye Jin was due to give birth in December. Hyun Bin seems to be in a harsh situation as Son Ye Jin’s due date was unexpectedly pulled.

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Meanwhile, Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin had a grand wedding last March. After 3 months of marriage, Son Ye Jin received a lot of attention as she announced her pregnancy, “A new life has come to us.

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